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Custom Flexible Packaging for Lawn & Garden

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custom garden care packaging

The growing trend of planting activities in neighborhoods and public spaces, as well as the surge in at-home gardening, has resulted in improvements in traditional lawn and garden product packaging. Many lawn and garden products have unique characteristics that require special barriers, films, and features to preserve active ingredients and ensure long-lasting quality of the product inside. Flexible pouch packaging and rollstock are perfectly suited to meet these needs, offering solutions to both consumers and brands for maintaining effectiveness and ease of use.

uv-resistant films, inks + adhesives

Your brand’s lawn and garden products and its flexible packaging need to withstand the elements in differing climates. ePac offers UV-stable inks and films that won’t fade due to extensive sun exposure, plus high-quality adhesives that won’t melt and offer a continuous level of protection against splitting and spillage. Pouches and rollstock printed with UV-resistant inks keep lawn and garden products bright and attractive both on the shelf and in outdoor garden centers.

protective barriers

Barriers are an important element when it comes to protecting your lawn care and gardening products. For products that have a strong or unpleasant odor, such as fertilizers or composting soil, barriers lock the smell inside. Casual gardeners may not have exterior sheds or secure storage locations for their grass seed, and individuals with small children or pets may be hesitant to keep fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides in the house. This is why it’s essential that your gardening packaging is made to be water, sun and puncture-resistant, maintaining integrity, even when left outdoors.

noteworthy lawn + garden packaging features

Flexible packaging is not only beneficial for storing fertilizers and soil treatments. Compost, potting soil and seeds can benefit from lay flat pouches, stand up bags and rollstock as well. 

Among the many features available, are:

  • Heat-sealed seams hold up to abuse during shipping and storage, preserving quality.
  • Slip factors increase packaging stability when stacked.
  • Resealable zippers to contain product contents and ensure spill-free transportation and storage.
  • Certified Child-Resistant zippers and pouches for grass seed, fertilizer and other lawn and garden products that may contain hazardous materials and toxic chemicals.

differentiating your lawn care packaging design

It comes as no surprise that consumers are drawn to eye-catching packaging features and designs. Digital pouch printing produces vibrant, photo-quality colors, images, and graphics, in addition to the ability to print on all packing surfaces. Lawn and garden brands that use flexible packaging have an unprecedented amount of space to market their goods on each bag, enticing consumers to select one brand’s product over another and become return customers. When combined with the smaller carbon footprint and improved portability over traditional bags and boxes, shelf visibility and bias for the product is increased.

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